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Holidays for All - TUC pamphlet, 1937

The TUC first began to campaign for a paid holiday for workers in 1911. Following the passing of an International Labour Convention (ILO) on holidays in 1936, lobbying of the Baldwin Government was reviewed. A committee of inquiry report in 1938 recommended the gradual introduction of a statutory right to holidays in July 1938. The Holidays with Pay Act gave workers, whose minimum rates of wages were fixed by trade boards, the right to one weeks holiday per year. The TUC, which was calling for 2 weeks' holiday for all workers, was disappointed in the limited legislation.

This pamphlet, which includes the TUC's evidence to the committee of inquiry, estimates that 5,025,000 employees already enjoyed holidays with pay in some form, mainly through union negotiated collective agreements.

Title Holidays for All - TUC pamphlet, 1937
Maker Trades Union Congress
Production Date 1937
Format Pamphlet
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Holding Institution TUC Library Collections, London Metropolitan University
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