CPSA leaflet

In July 1978, the Labour Government introduced a new guideline for pay rises of 5%. The TUC voted on 26 July to reject the limit and insist on a return to free collective bargaining. Although the government did not make the 5% limit a legal requirement, it decided to impose sanctions on government contractors who broke the limit.

On 22 January, 1979 public sector unions held a "Day of Action", in which they held a 24-hour strike and marched to demand a 60 per week minimum wage. Many workers stayed out indefinitely after that day. These are publicity materials produced by the Civil and Public Services Association for the campaign.

Title Civil Service pay dispute, 1979
Maker Trades Union Congress
Production Date 1979
Format Leaflet
Copyright Public and Commercial Services Union
Holding Institution TUC Library Collections, London Metropolitan University
Related Objects The economy, the government and trade union responsibilities, 1979