Demonstration - Free the Shrewsbury Two

In the Summer of 1972, there was a national building workers strike lasting 3 months to reduce the working week to 35 hours, for a base wage of 30 per week and to campaign for the decasualisation of the industry. 'Flying' pickets traveled to the numerous building sites in North Wales and Shropshire to make the strike more effective. In February 1973, 24 pickets were arrested and charged with conspiracy to intimidate, under the 1875 conspiracy and protection of property act, over events which had taken place in Shrewsbury the previous September. The trial opened in October 1973 and lasted 3 months. Six of the men were given prison sentences. Ricky Tomlinson [shown centre with supporters lobbying the TUC Congress in 1975] was given 2 years imprisonment and was released on parole in July 1975. Des Warren received 3 years and was not released until August 1976.

Title Shrewsbury Pickets campaign, 1975
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Production Date 1975
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