Why the crisis? 1974

Leaflet for a meeting organised by the Feltham Branch of the Communist Party.

In November 1972, the Conservative Government introduced a 90 day wage freeze to start a new statutory prices and incomes policy. Phase 2 in April 1973 limited pay increases to £1 per week or 4%. Phase 3 of the Conservative Government's incomes policy, which included limiting pay raises to 7%, was launched in November 1973. On 12 November, the National Union of Mineworkers started a national overtime ban and on the following day, the Government declared a State of Emergency. A month later, the Government announced that three day working would start on 1 January 1974. Working hours were cut to conserve available fuel stocks for electricity. The Three Day Week officially ended 7 March 1974.

Title 'Why the crisis', 1974
Maker Trades Union Congress
Production Date 1974
Format Leaflet
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Holding Institution TUC Library Collections, London Metropolitan University
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