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Equal Pay for Similar Duties Committee, 1919

Arising from a conference held in the Caxton Hall, London in November 1918, a National Committee for the Promotion of Equal Pay for Similar Duties was established. The membership included Gertrude Tuckwell, Madeline Symons, Alex Gossip, H. Basford, O. Maguire, M. Phillips, G. Fanner, E. Froud, A. Walters and the convenor was Fred Hughes of the National Union of Clerks. The minutes of this meeting of the Committee on 15 May 1919 note that Margaret Bondfield did not think the TUC would take action on this issue. This document is from the Labour Research Department Archive.

Title Equal Pay for Similar Duties Committee, 1919
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Production Date 1919
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Holding Institution TUC Library Collections, London Metropolitan University
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