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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - Manuscript, Page 321
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Title The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Page 332
Chapter --
Text and looking through keyholes. He was almost pleased to see that everybody was very hard at work, but on going into Newman's room Misery was not
satisfied with the progress made since his last visit. The fact was that Newman had been forgetting himself again this morning. He had been taking a little pains with the work, doing it something like properly, instead of scamping and rushing it in the usual way. The result was that he had not done enough.

`You know, Newman, this kind of thing won't do!' Nimrod howled. `You must get over a bit more than this or you won't suit me! If you can't move yourself a bit quicker I shall 'ave to get someone else. You've been in this room since seven o'clock this morning and it's dam near time you was out of it!'

Newman muttered something about being nearly finished now, and Hunter ascended to the next landing - the attics, where the cheap man - Sawkins, the labourer - was at work. Harlow had been taken away from the attics to go on with some of the better work, so Sawkins was now working alone. He had been slogging into it like a Trojan and had done quite a lot. He had painted not only the sashes of the window, but also a large part of the glass,
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