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Site Information

Please note that some areas of the site will not work with Javascript disabled.

Technology and Processes

This site is driven by EMu, a content management system developed by KE Software (UK) Ltd. Information (or metadata) about each image is recorded on this database and queries posted by the user on the website are sent here to be processed. If a match is found then the digital image and metadata are returned to the screen.

Digitisation work has been carried out by the University´s own Media Centre. Two images are created of each photograph or document - a high resolution TIFF file, and a smaller lower resolution JPEG file for delivery on the website. These high resolution files are kept in storage but may be utilised in the future as internet connections become faster. The video files have been encoded to be viewed with Windows Media Player, Real Player, and Quicktime.

Help with searching

For searching images throughout the whole site, use the Search box in the top right hand corner of the Home page. To search all the Packages linked to the The Union Makes Us Strong or to further refine your search go to Advanced Search.
Note that search results will be returned in ascending date order by default.

The following operators can be used to aid your search:

Phrase searching. Use double quote marks to narrow down your search, e.g. "equal pay". This will find records where the two words are used together.

~ Stem search. This will find all variations of that word, e.g. ~social will find Socialist and Social Insurance.

@ Sounds Like. This will find words that sound like the one you want. e.g. @McArthur will find all references to Mary Macarthur.

* Wildcard. This will find words that have any letter or character after the ones you entered. Use this especially for searching dates, e.g. 192* will find all references to the 1920s.

For a more sophisticated search, go to the Advanced Search page.

Notice and Takedown Policy

Content added to our webpages and digitised collections is added in “good faith” and after copyright checks have taken place, however, we do recognise that content can still be published and be in breach of copyright. If you are concerned that there may have been a breach of your intellectual property rights, you can email include the following information:

Your name and contact details, the URL and description of the content you wish to challenge,evidence that you are the rights holder or their authorised representative, the reason for your request.

On notification of a possible breach of copyright, the work in question will be suppressed from public access, and then further examined in response to the enquiry. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email. Once further checks have been performed to assess the validity of the case, the claimant will be contacted with a response.