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The Workers' War: Home Front Recalled

Voices from the Home Front

The Voices from the Home Front oral history project, conducted by our partners the National Pensioners Convention, has interviewed over seventy people since January 2005. The focus of these interviews was to document working lives and trade union experiences during the Second World War. Choose an interview by surname, by location or by occupation.


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These are the written contributions from the online write in campaign. Click on a title to read more about what was happening on the Home Front.

After breakfast of tea or camp coffee, by James Harper
As a boy aged 14 and a half years old in September 1942 I had just returned, by Terence Crowley
As war became imminent, by Mr. Curran
Charlie Poulson, interviewed by Terry Segars of the Fire Brigades Union 20 July 1977.
During the summer of 1944 when London was being attacked by German V-I planes, by Allan Stevens
I remember very clearly the day war was declared, by Mrs Phyllis Want
I was born 71 years ago in a mining town in South West Durham, by Jean Stoves
I was called up for National Service in the autumn of 1943, by Douglas Ayres
In 1940 running to the shelter during the Blitz, by Thelma Henshall
In 1943, at the age of 14 years, I took up a position as a junior weighman/ticketer, by Harold Stoves
In September 1944, I found myself in a very strange situation, by Pete Smith
John Church was my grandad and worked as a fireman...
My Blue Satin Dressing Gown, by Miss M Risborough
My Grandmother, Molly Traill, and the Boatwomen Training Scheme
My National Service, during the latter part of WWII was as a trolley bus woman conductor, by Georgina Lawson
My parents ran a small grocery and provisions shop in North London, by Dinah Chowcat
My working life commenced on Jan 3rd 1940, when I was 15, by Iris Crawford
The firm was reorganised for war work and when the Fiat car company factory, by Ernest Coates
Why you may ask if this is about my fire service days?, by Irene Cottam