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Anonymous 3

Anonymous 3 joined London Transport in 1978 and became a guard on the Underground. He was trained at the White City Training School and started at Neasden depot. Describes the sense of solidarity/ camaraderie amongst trainstaff and how racism was successfully countered on the job. Describes the atmosphere for black and women workers and the resistance of the unions to women train drivers. Notes how the motorman's job was monotonous until something went wrong like suicide ('one under') that he later experienced as a motorman. Notes that he left the underground just before OPO of trains was introduced from 1984 and 2,000 guards gradually abolished. Describes the effects of shiftwork on staff and the role of Station Masters or Yard Masters (SMs).

Anonymous 3 joined ASLE&F. Describes inter- union conflict between NUR and ASLE&F. He was later involved with 'Transport Worker' magazine before 1986. talks about the impact of the Thatcher years on trade unions and the role of the Greater London Council which had a 'dialogue with transport workers in this period.

Click on the pdf icon to read the entire transcript. There is no audio for this interview as the subject chose anonymity.

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