In 1999, the Trades Union Congress commissioned videotaped interviews with ten leading trade unionists and politicians as part of its TUC Millenium Film Project, to record the development of the trade union movement in the second half of the 20th century. 44 clips from the interviews have been chosen reflecting their experiences of political, economic and union history including the Social Contract, In Place of Strife, the Heath Government, the Labour Governments under Wilson and Callaghan, and the Conservative Governments under Thatcher and Major. Full transcripts accompany the clips.

The interviews were conducted by Geoffrey Goodman, former industrial editor of the Daily Mirror, and Ian Ross, former industrial editor of Channel 4 News. The films were produced by Elkan Allan. In 2011, an additional interview with Brendan Barber, current TUC General Secretary, was conducted by Peta Van den Bergh Steel and filmed by Paul Rey-Burns. Films of the full interviews may be viewed in the TUC Library Collections.

Click on the titles below to view selected clips from each film and to read a transcript of the entire interview.