Trade union and workers’ education

The core debates relating to this theme during the 20th century centred on the ideology of workers’ education, its control and funding. The period 1945-1995 saw-

- rivalries between different providers of trade union education

- the development of training for union representatives with government funding

- re-focussing of workers’ education toward vocational training and the acquisition of skills

Resources available on this site to workers' education:

- Read a learning narrative on trade union education, a paper written by Richard Ross from the Centre for Trade Union Studies at London Metropolitan University.

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Examples of interview resources:

I also took an exam to become a probationary officer in Ruskin College in Oxford, which is a Trade Union. After that, I always did youth work. In 1961 after a qualification, I became a youth worker.

Derek Cox, went on to work as a youth and community worker in Brick Lane, London for over 40 years. Read and hear more.

Frank Cooper also attended Ruskin College with a grant from the TUC and his union in 1950. Read and hear more.