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Interview with Rita Donaghy, part of the TUC Millennium Film Project

Rita Donaghy (1944- )worked at the University of London Institute of Education as an Assistant Registrar and later as Permanent Secretary to the Students' Union. She became active in the trade union Nalgo [later Unison], becoming a member of its National Executive by 1973 and serving as President for 1989/90. She was a member of the TUC General Council from 1987-1999 and was TUC President in 2000.

In October 2000 she left her trade union positions on being appointed as Chair of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, a post she held until 2007. She has served on various public committees and boards including the Low Pay Commission.

The following selected clips are available from this page:

Rita Donaghy 1 - Joining the union in 1968 and recruitment
Rita Donaghy 2 - Women and the unions
Rita Donaghy 3 - Race and the unions
Rita Donaghy 4 - Jacques Delors and Europe
Rita Donaghy 5 - The Social Contract

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